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Key figures

The food industry is responsible for over 30% of French greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the last 50 years, French consumption of meat products has increased by 78%.

In the world today, 1/3 of all food is lost or wasted somewhere along the food chain.

What you can do right now

It takes the same amount of CO2 to produce 6 kilos of chicken as it does to produce a single kilo of beef: your choice of meat counts!
20kg of food is wasted in restaurants per person per year: use a doggy-bag!

A virtuous circle of daily action


Plant protein contains less saturated fat than animal protein and can therefore reduce risks of cardiovascular disease.


Buying local products helps to support locally implanted producers and jobs.


According to the ADEME, wasted food products cost €240 per person per year in France.

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