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Take action at work

As a graduate, you can help the activity of your company or organisation evolve to better account for current climate and environmental issues. This section consists of a list of suggestions on how to effect change in your professional sphere, ranked by the level of commitment that they require and the effect that they will have.

1. Understand an organisation’s carbon footprint
2. Look into your organisation’s environmental strategy
3. Look into existing networks
4. Look into existing standards and certifications

Educate yourself on current issues

1. Start a conversation within your company/organisation
2. Organise information sessions

Find allies and spread the word

1. Change your own practices
2. Help to reduce the environmental impact of your company/organisation

Change your company/organisation’s practices

1. Une question clé pour commencer
2. Des idées illustratives
3. Les grandes approches
4. Des exemples d’accélérateurs

Change your company/organisation’s strategy

J’agis pour réduire l’empreinte carbone de mon entreprise

Take action to reduce your company’s carbon footprint
Start organising
Inspiring examples
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