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Key figures

1/3 of French greenhouse gases emissions are caused by transport.

80% of pollution is due to road transport.

Plane journeys have increased by an average of 6% per year over the last decade.

What you can do right now

Using a bike rather than a car for trips under 10km would save around 1 metric ton of CO2 from being released.
Trams and metros generate around 58 times fewer emissions than a car.
1 return flight between Paris and New York produces 1.7 of metric tons of CO2

A virtuous circle of daily action


Walking or cycling for 30 minutes every day decreases risks of illness by 30%.


The yearly cost of travelling 10km a day is €100 by bike and €1000 by car.


In urban areas, using a bike rather than a car cuts down on travel time.

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