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Why get involved?

As we face a global climate crisis and a state of environmental emergency, Alumni for the Planet aims to rally the greatest possible number of higher education graduates to take action. Indeed, alumni are more likely to hold positions of responsibility both in France and internationally, which makes any action they take, especially within their workplaces, significantly more impactful.

Why get involved now ?

The causes of climate change and its environmental fallout are now well-documented. We know that it is possible to limit its impact, but only on two conditions : that we radically transform the way we produce, consume, travel, eat, etc., and that we do so quickly, as the decade between 2020 and 2030 will be absolutely decisive.

The extent of these necessary changes demands the mobilisation, not only of a few key actors, but of all parties (companies, the State, regional and local councils, civil society). Alumni, who are present in every one of these organisations, have a major role to play.

How to get involved ?

Through its website, its team of volunteers, and its contacts within many alumni associations, Alumni for the Planet will help you take concrete and targeted action :

  • by putting you in contact with other graduates who wish to act within your city or your professional organisation, for example ;
  • by providing access to ideas and mentors to help you take action within your company, your local community (neighbourhood or city), or on a personal level ;
  • by providing access to reliable information regarding the main issues facing our climate and our environment through a list of websites curated with the help of scientists and experts ;
  • by allowing you to share the result of your actions and inspire others to get involved.

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